Your Tuesday Evening Forecast

We are going to start tonight forecast in the tropics. We are watching monitoring lots of tropical waves in the Atlantic. Invest 91-L has a 40% of development as it will be moving towards the Caribbean. Invest 92-L has 40% of development as it continues to move north and west. The third wave will be moving off the African coast in another day or so which only has a 20% of development. Hurricane Gert is a category 1 storm in the Atlantic not affecting anyone in the next few days.

Back in the Crossroads tonight, lows will fall back into the middle to upper 70s. Wednesday will be another hot afternoon with partly cloudy skies however stray showers are possible. Wednesday night temps will fall back into the middle to upper 70s. Are we expecting any rain the future? We won’t see much of rain because of strong high pressure. It is possible we see stray showers but that will be it. Temperatures in the crossroads are hot into the middle to upper 90s. The marine forecast calls for 2-3 foot seas and sea water temperature of 87 degrees. The next seven days remain hot hazy and humid.