Your Thursday Evening Forecast

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. The weather in Victoria is simply amazing and will remain that way for the next few days. All eyes are on the tropics with 3 named storms Irma, Jose, and Katia. All three are hurricanes and none of them will affect us here in Texas. Irma is still a strong category 5 storm with winds of 175mph as it moves through the Caribbean right now with its eyes set on Florida by the weekend. One thing we have talked about the last few days is Irma will make a right hand turn at some point. Models are still uncertain where that right turn will occur as it get near Florida. Will it occur west of Florida, east of Florida, or in the middle. The two major steering currents are the high pressure to the east preventing it to move into the sea. The trough that brought us good weather will turn Irma to the right before making landfall.

Irma will be near the united states where hurricane watches are up for South Florida. Hurricane Jose behind Irma will become a major hurricane too as it moves west. It may affect the Lesser Antilles the same area that Irma moved through. The forecast for Jose takes into the open Atlantic. Hurricane Katia is a category one storm in the southwest gulf. It will make landfall in eastern Mexico. I want to remind you that hurricane season will continue until November 30th. The waters in the Atlantic and the gulf are the warmest it will be all season. Back in the crossroads, temperatures will remain in the 80s with lows in the 60s. We will see a slow warming trend into the lower 90s by next week. Marine forecast looks good with 3-4 foot seas and bays have a slight chop.