Your Sunday Evening Forecast

Good evening to everyone hope you are having a great Sunday. Temperatures of course are very hot not as hot as it was yesterday. In the future i have some changes to these numbers stay tuned. DeTar Doppler showing some showers trying to develop but having hard time to develop since moisture levels are not that great. And tonight lows will fall back in the upper 70s. Monday more heat can be expected and maybe an isolated shower with highs in the middle to upper 90s. Monday night lows are falling back into the middle 70s and Tuesday moisture begins to increase with highs in the middle 90s.

Now we start getting into the changes.The upper high will move west and we will see a dip in the jet stream that will lead to good rain chances in the second half of the work week. Rain chances are looking good Wednesday through the weekend. And we could see rain amounts between an inch and two inches. For the month of July we have see less than a half inch so it will be welcomed rains. In the tropics we are watching two areas of interest. We have a tropical wave in the Eastern Atlantic that has a 30% of developing into a tropical storm or depression in the next five days and secondly in the Gulf there is area of low pressure near Florida Panhandle that has 30% of development. It will be a Florida problem. The marine forecast looks good 1-2 foot seas and bays has a slight chop. Tomorrow we will see highs in the middle to upper 90s. Lower 90s towards the coastline. The next seven days get ready for rain and thunderstorms especially Wednesday- Sunday.