Your Sunday Evening Forecast

Hurricane Irma is now a Category 2 storm with winds of 110 mph. Irma made landfall in key west as a Category 4 storm this morning and made second landfall near Naples Florida. Irma is now on a path to continue to track north as expected and it has picked up speed too. Irma will continue to track into Northern Florida then towards Georgia and Alabama. Hurricane Jose is a category 4 storm but is expected to meander in the open Atlantic so we continue to follow that over the next 5-8 days. There is another tropical wave just off African coast now has 60% of development over the next five days.

Temperatures in the crossroads are comfortable in the middle 80s and we will see lows fall down into the middle 60s. Are we expecting any changes to the forecast anytime soon?? high pressure will continue and the jet stream is so far north so rain is not in the forecast. Marine forecast in Port O’connor is looking good. Bays have a slight chop and seas are 2-3 feet. The next seven days we are seeing temperatures in the lower 90s and lows will maintain into the 70s as well. The winds will begin to shift from the north to the south.