Your Saturday Evening Forecast

Temperatures this afternoon are into the lower 90s with upper 80s towards the coastline. Radar is quiet for now however over the next few days it is possible we see some isolated showers here or there throughout the crossroads with Gulf moisture on the rise. Tonight lows will fall back into the lower to middle 70s. Sunday will be partly cloudy skies with a few showers here or there. The chances for rain are only at 10%. Monday we will see more showers than Sunday with highs in the lower 90s. The tropics is not quiet. We now have our 12th and 13th named storm Lee and Maria. Lee is expected to weaken as it moves west. My attention is more on maria as it will strengthen into a hurricane in the coming days and maybe a category 3 as it moves towards the Caribbean Islands that were destroyed by Irma.

Jose is still a category 1 storm in the western Atlantic. It is possible the New England states could be affected by Jose in the coming days. Back into the Eastern Pacific, Norma is a tropical storm heading towards Baja California. With weak steering currents, moisture from Norma will remain well west of Texas and I have bumped rain chances back down a bit for midweek. We are around the peak of hurricane season as conditions right now will be the best before becoming more hostile as we get into October and November. As we continue into hurricane season just be sure to keep with the tropics and stay prepared. The marine forecast for tomorrow is good with smooth bays and 1-2 foot seas. The next seven days keep temperatures in the lower 90s and lows in the middle 70s which is near normal for this time of year.