Your Monday Evening Forecast

Good evening and hope everyone is having a good Monday. We are still seeing showers and storms on Detar Doppler as storms are moving from the south to the north. The upper low that is causing storms will weaken as it move further inland. Tonight we will see lows falling down into the middle to upper 70s. Tuesday we will see highs in the middle 90s with more scattered storms hit or miss the Crossroads. However changes are coming thanks to high pressure moving into the plains and the south. This will suppress our air and heat us up quickly. Temperatures in Victoria, Beeville, Port Lavaca over next couple of days will be in the upper 90s with heat index from 105-110.

In the tropics, we are watching Tropical Storm Don AND TROPICAL WAVE TO THE EAST OF THAT. Tropical Storm Don continues its westward movement towards South America. The tropical wave to the east of there has only 30% of development. Marine forecast looks good. If you going out to the Generals game tonight, may see an isolated shower or two otherwise hot at 7:05pm. Tuesday we will see highs in the middle 90s with scattered storms and rain chances will be decreasing into the week with highs in the upper 90s.