Your Monday Evening Forecast

DeTar Doppler is showing some light showers still in the area and most of the heavy rain we saw earlier has now weakened from this morning. The system that gave us the storms will continue to give us scattered storms Tuesday and Wednesday before weakening. The high pressure ridge will slide back east and that is also keeping Tropical Storm Franklin way south of us. However depending on where exactly Franklin makes landfall we may see some moisture from it causing scattered storms midweek. Invest 99-L in the central Atlantic now has a 20% of development as it looks very unimpressive.

Tonight lows will fall into the upper 70s. Tuesday you can expect more scattered storms highs in the middle 90s. Storms that develop will weaken with loss of daytime heating Tuesday night. Your marine forecast calls for smooth bays and 2-3 foot seas. Tomorrow highs in the middle 90s with afternoon storms. The next seven days shows decreasing rain chances through the weekend. Highs will return back into the upper 90s. Next Monday we may see isolated showers return.