Your Monday Evening Forecast

Hope everyone enjoyed viewing today’s solar eclipse. We did see some showers and storms scattered around through the crossroads and most of the storms are north of Victoria. Storms will begin to weaken as we lose daytime heating. And we will see more scattered storms Tuesday and Wednesday because of an upper level low in the Gulf of Mexico moving westward. However there is more rain coming and we will discuss that in just a few. Tonight lows will fall into the middle to upper 70s with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. Tuesday more heat with few scattered storms here or there throughout the Crossroads and we will see the same story Wednesday but only isolated about.

In the tropics, we are watching two areas of interest invest 92-L and the remnants of Harvey. Invest 92-l is a non factor for us here in Texas. Harvey will be moving into the Yucatan in soon and could reorganize into a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico. As of now, it is too early too tell but one thing we will see because of Harvey is showers and storms for the second half of the work week. Depending on its track, rain chances may need to be adjusted higher. As of now i have 50% through the weekend. Marine forecast looks good with smooth bays and water temp of 87. The next days increasing rain chances especially by the weekend however still some uncertainties with how Harvey will play a role in a forecast…