Young Adult group giving back to the community

Faith Family’s Young Adult Ministry is serving the community in a special way.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to the church and has the story.

The group is giving free car washes to a special group of people.

“My mom was struggling and she was single. I knew she would work two jobs and it was tough. Getting her kids and taking care of them, I knew it was tough,” remarked Pastor Jacob Kabela, as he explained his inspiration.

Kabela remembers watching his own mother struggle on her own so he decided to put a free car wash event together.
“There are so many single parents out there in Victoria who are stressing out just trying to make it in life,” explains Kabela.
Local mom Bridget Ramsey knows exactly what Kabela is talking about and says she is grateful for this small gesture. “It’s an amazing feeling. You know being a single mom sometimes, it’s overwhelming…and you know just trying to make ends meet and try to do things. This is an awesome deal that they are doing for everybody that is really trying hard to be the best parent that they can,” she explains. Church member Jonathan Rees says, “It feels amazing. It feels great.” He is proud to help out local parents and hopefully make their day just a little easier.
While washing people’s cars, Rees offers them encouragement and prayer.
“We’ve been asking everyone that comes in if they would like prayer for anything and I got to pray over her and I could really tell it really touched her. You know, really, that at the end of the day, that’s what really means a lot,” says Rees. For Kabela, it’s not just about washing cars..
“Just a clean car you know, honestly is to show moms that people love them, care about them, are praying for them. People are for them, and they are not doing life alone, and there are people in our community, here in our church, who want to support them, and help them out with anything.”

Pastor Kabela and the FFC Young Adults plan to continue offering help to the local community, and are proud to give back to the Victoria community.