“You are my sunshine” helped bring smiles to Trinity Shores

Trinity Shores residents showed their love by sharing potted plats with family members

VICTORIA, Texas- Saturday morning, a project for the residents at Trinity Shores in Port Lavaca called “You are my sunshine” took place. Residents gathered to show their love by sharing potted plants with family members.

Marketing director Branda McMahan, thought painting pots and growing plants in them was a great way to show and spread the love in the community.

“It passes on love; the pot plants are going to be there for a good while and they could look at it and know that their family member did it.”

The residents also included finger painting on the pots to make it extra special and personal.

“The flowers going to keep growing and it’s spreading love. That was the theme. And we came up with you are my sunshine because we’re trying to spread sunshine and the flowers need sunshine to grow.”

The potted plants remind us all that even though we are social distancing, our love for each other does not stop growing.