Yorktown community helped those without power and water during the winter storm

YORKTOWN, Texas-A small town with big hearts is how you can describe the Crossroads community. As the devastating snowstorm ripped through Texas, Yorktown citizens managed to help each other during this unprecedented time.

“The first thing we did was, no power means no warmth. I coordinated with the Red Cross and got 200 blankets. No power means no food. We were able to get some snacks in the emergency management trailer in DeWitt county. I carried bottled water and Gatorade to our volunteer firefighters if they ran out on their scenes,” said Cyndi Smith, the DeWitt County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Tuesday, the administrators from Cuero Nursing and Rehab facility, alone with the Cuero and DeWitt Health Department stood in freezing temperatures to pass out food in the midst of the winter storm. The snacks and blankets were donated by the Red Cross and Walmart.

“On Wednesday we made some phone calls and got an anonymous donor who donated $1,000 I put in a last-minute phone call to Bush’s Chicken. They got us 200 meals together and we sent food to the nursing homes. We went to the housing authority to the elderly there and passed out food and did welfare checks. We had volunteers and some of the kids spread the word to their friends. So we ended up with the Yorktown FFA, the Yorktown EMS, the Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department, and students from St. Johns in Victoria and Trinity Episcopal that came out to help,” said Smith.

We asked Cyndi Smith, how did it make her feel to see the community come together to pass out food, and were there any deaths reported in DeWitt County due to this winter storm?

“No, not to my knowledge we’ve had a couple of medical issues but to my knowledge at this time we have had no deaths due to the weather. It makes me feel good and makes the community feel good. This is what Emergency Management does,” said Smith.

We called the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office and they confirmed no deaths were reported due to the winter storm.