Yoakum resident survives vehicle wreck

Yoakum resident survives vehicle wreck

YOAKUM, Texas – Yoakum resident Margarita Rodriguez got a call about her daughter on Friday night.

Her daughter was ending her shift at a local restaurant and heading over to a convenience store to pick up a slice of pizza and a drink before driving home. As she was the on tracks headed toward Northsouth street in Yoakum, a truck in front of her, a Chevy Silverado model was breaking and swerving in front of her and ended up hitting her car from the side of the vehicle causing it to swerve and fishtail out of control.

“When I saw the vehicle I knew she was not okay. She had called me screaming and she was hysterical saying mom the truck was in my way and all I, all I heard was, ‘boom’ and I was flipping and then she was like please help me and then the phone hung up,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez got the call from her boss who is the owner of the convenience store it happened right in front of. She thought the worst and went to the scene right away.

Rodriguez explains that from far away she could see all the first responder lights.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of our local first responders, the PD, the fire department, the volunteer fire department, the troopers, Lavaca County, the Yoakum community hospital. All the assisting volunteers, without them my daughter would have been in there for a minute,” continued Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s daughter is banged up and traumatized, but is doing okay. Rodriguez wants people to stop and call for help when they see a wreck.