Yoakum PD release video of vehicle believed to be connected to fire

YOAKUM – In January 2016, we first brought you a story about a building fire in downtown Yoakum.

The fire started in the early hours of January 7 at 3:50 am. According to police, the fire ignited inside a trailer filled with tires behind Kunetka Furniture-Monks A/C. Police believe one of the tires rolled towards Kunetka Furniture catching the back-end of the building on fire. The building was a total loss including inventory stored inside the appliances store. The fire also erased any clues as to who might of committed the crime.

On Tuesday, police release surveillance video of a vehicle they believe could reveal who is behind the crime. If you take a close look at the video, taken from a Yoakum Packing Co. camera, you see the same vehicle drive through the screen three times within a span of 15 minutes. The last time the car is seen is at 3:50 am, the same time police and fire were notified of the fire at Kunetka Furniture-Monks A/C.

On Tuesday, police confirmed they questioned two male suspects following the incident. They also confirmed the vehicle in the video belonged to one of the suspects. However, lacked sufficient evidence to connect the suspects or vehicle to the fire.

The case remains under investigation.

Police say if you know anything about this crime or the vehicle in the video to contact them at 293-5234.

Kunetka Furniture-Monk’s A/C declined to comment.