WWII Prisoner of War is July’s Military Hero of the Month

“It’s a pleasure to honor him,” explained daughter of Orby Ledbetter , Sheron Alex. “Uh, he has been a great father and also a veteran.”

Military veteran Stephen Maxwell echoed these sentiments: ” It’s hard to sum it with one word. He represents the best of America. He loves his family. He loves his community. He loves our state of Texas. He loves our country dearly. ”

Our Bill Alexander spoke with Orby Ledbetter and presented him with Newscenter 25’s and Mac Haik’s Military Hero of the Month award for the month of July.

” We’re with Orby Ledbetter , who is a true American hero. We have, at Newscenter 25, selected him as our Military Hero of the Month of July. He went through World War II as a prison of war. How long were you a prison of war, sir? ”

“19 months,” Ledbetter reminisced. ” The Germans… they’d pack you in there. And, all I had was room where I could stand up against the wall over and I was packed up so I couldn’t even turn and see who was behind me.

” Mr. Ledbetter , let me ask you about your role as a POW here in the community. How have you served the community as far as, uh, gathering people who have gone through your experiences and reinforcing their life around here? ”

“Well, like I say, I go to lots of schools,” Ledbetter explained. ” I’ve been to churches and a lot of the other chapters and give them my history. And, it’s something they may never have heard of, how we was treated. You know? ”

” Mr. Ledbetter , I could literally talk to you for hours. You’re an amazing person. What we wanted to do today, also, was to honor you with this plaque that was provided by Mac Haik, on behalf of Mac Haik and Newscenter 25. And we wanted to honor you with this, sir, as our Military Hero of the Month. ”

“I love him,” gushed Alex. ” And, uh, and not only do I want to say my appreciation for him, uh, all the veterans and honor them on this July the Fourth day, and their family soon. All the service, the sacrifices they have given to our country. ”

Stephen Maxwell believes Orby Ledbetter is a veteran that will be remembered for generations to come.

” All the veterans and their families know him so well that we wish we were a part of his family directly. He will always be part of our family. God bless you, Orby . I salute you. ”