World Cup comes to Victoria

Sunday was the final day of the world cup and Victorians wanted to get in on the action. Our David Gibson caught up with some fans who watched the game at a local viewing party. The world cup soccer fever came here to Victoria, Texas. Trainer Alexis Salazar along with his family and players gathered this morning to watch the world cup.
Salazar’s players say they look up to different guys playing in the world cup.
“I look up to Paul Pogba because he is a really good player,” says Jordan Bradley, Player. “I like Kompany a lot from Belgium, they got knocked out sadly,” adds Nicolas Gracie, Player. Jordan Bradley feels the world cup games have taught him a lot.
“I learned how to be a better defender, just watching the way the professional defenders move. I learned how to move that same way,” tells Bradley. In attendance were two of Salazar’s players that made the U.S national development team.
“Its really something I’m very proud of,” says Alexis Salazar, Trainer. I asked the players what advice would they give the younger generation.
“Don’t stop training that’s the main thing,’ exclaims Abraham Salazar, Player.
“Really train hard, stay to your goals, stay to your dreams and don’t let anyone interfere with anything and just stay focused,” explains
Vivian Gonzales, Player. Each player says playing in the world cup is a dream the hope to accomplish.
“2022 all me,” says Bradley.
“Oh yeah, 2026,” tells Salazar.
“Especially the upcoming on in the United States, that would be amazing for me to play,” declares Gracie.
“For sure its definitely been a dream of mine since i was probably six or seven. France pulled out the win 4-2