Workforce Solutions official reveals unemployment stats for November 2020

Victoria County unemployment was 8.4% last month

VICTORIA, Texas- The COVID-19 pandemic has caused several people to lose jobs in the Crossroads.

The Director for Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent, Henry Guajardo, revealed that the unemployment rate for the month of November was 8.4%. This is significantly higher than in November 2019 when the rate of unemployment was 3.4% for Victoria county.

On Sunday President Donald Trump signed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill that could help bring some relief to members of the community. 

“So currently the maximum amount that an individual could receive for state unemployment is around $535 dollars a week but with federal unemployment, you could possibly be eligible for what would be an increase in that amount and this hopefully will help make ends meet for individuals that are currently unemployed,” said Henry Guajardo, Director for Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent. 

Guajardo says the unemployment rate is high but the highest numbers occurred at the beginning of the pandemic. If you need assistance and live in the Golden Crescent area click here