Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent has money for training courses in certain occupations

VICTORIA, Texas—Henry Guajardo, the Director of Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent, says this may be the perfect time for people to change careers.

“We have training dollars that are available in targeted occupations such as process technology, instrumentation electrical, most of the health field careers LVN, RN, physical therapy assistant,” said Henry Guajardo, Executive Director Workforce Solutions of the Golden Crescent.

Guajardo says unemployment for the month of April in Victoria increased to 14.2% which is 50% above average. The April unemployment rate for Texas is right at 13%. The state’s worst on record but as Texas gets back to business, he says job opportunities are out there.

“We’re seeing an increase in businesses calling us about positions that they have open. So yes there are some job openings increasing,” said Guajardo.

In June Workforce Solutions will have a Virtual Job Fair, more details to come.

“We would suggest, them to register for our Work in Texas system. We have probably 57% to 58% of the job market in positions that are available within the seven-county area we serve,” said Guajardo.

Workforce Solutions has career counselors who can help guide you to gainful employment. If you want to know more click here.