Woman Makes Easter Baskets for Parents in Need

VICTORIA – When Brittany Trevino realized some parents might not be able to afford Easter baskets for their kids, she decided to make some for them. The thought started out small, but she had no idea how many families she would end up helping.

“It’s really sweet of her because there are people that really can’t afford to get any Easter stuff for their kids and it’s a blessing for her to do that,” said Kyleigh Headley, who received one of the baskets.

She is just one of the parents who benefited from a stranger’s kindness. Trevino decided to give away Easter baskets while shopping for her own children.

“Honestly I was just inside the store,” said Trevino. “I saw a big pile of buckets and I was like you know what, I’m just going to make a few buckets for kids that their parents aren’t able to afford them right now, because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like and it’s hard sometimes.”

She originally only made 10 baskets, and posted an offer on Facebook. But the post blew up, and she ended up making 75 baskets, thanks to a couple donations by those wanting to help.

“We actually had a friend come and donate so we could buy more supplies,” said Trevino. “I had a family member come in and donate so we could buy more to make more buckets.”

Thanks to her generosity and others, kindness provided what money could not.

“I’m happy that she’s out here helping someone that needs it, because we couldn’t do it for Easter and now she [her daughter] has an Easter basket,” said Headley.