Winter weddings may be what couples should consider

Victoria, TEXAS–June to September, also known as wedding season, is when many couple tie the knot. However, what some couples may not know is that getting married in the winter months could not only save you money on the same exact venue and caterers, but also make your wedding standout. Cakes are a crucial part of the couples decisions. During the winter wedding season cakes tend to differ, as other things, compared to summer weddings. 

“The main thing  would probably be the style of the cake, because with each season the style and trends change,” said By Grace Bakery owner and Pastry Chef, Crystal Roberts. 

The cakes requested during the winter time are more simple and extravagant. Using more red, white, silver and gold colors, along with winter floral. 

“I think the cakes are probably just more elaborate; they’re more glamorous. You could do a lot more during the winter season. People want a lot of decorations on the cake,” said By Grace Bakery co-owner and Pastry Chef, Krystin Ortiz.

The winter time is also considered romantic especially around Valentine’s Day. 

 “People want to do the June summer weddings but they should really shoot for winter because its good it’s cozy it’s more comfortable weather and I think venue wise you could probably get a better deal,” said Ortiz.

Choosing to have a winter wedding may help you stand out from other weddings.