Winners of the Hallet Oak Gallery’s Juneteenth Celebration Mask Contest

Winners of the Hallet Oak Gallery’s Juneteenth Celebration Mask Contest

HALLETTSVILLE, Texas – The Hallet Oak Gallery commemorated Juneteenth with a special exhibit by Black American artists. Hallettsville natives, Moses Adams, Gene Grant, and Satori Davis, along with photographer Bria Woods of Washington D.C. showcased their artwork.

Eight attendees, ranging in age from 2 -71 years old, won prizes at the Gallery’s Juneteenth Celebration Pandemic Mask Contest! Audrey and Marvin Peterson sponsored the celebration to meet the artists and enjoy a free “take-home tote” of refreshments. Audrey Peterson donated three handmade APL Fine Hand Bags to the top three attendees wearing the most creative, homemade, protective facemasks to the event. Linda Cejka, Hallet Oak Gallery Outreach Director, donated additional prizes from her hand-made jewelry design collection. Linda explains, “We had so many participants wearing creative face masks, I was inspired to contribute for more winners. The idea of having the contest came about to make the Gallery more comfortable for families to attend in a safe manner.”

The most creative pandemic mask contest winners were:

First place, Emeri McAfee, 6 yrs.

Second place, Marcia Curry, 71 yrs.

Third place, Lisa Franks, 42 yrs.

Fourth place Winner Kayla Immekus, 14 yrs.

Fifth place, Joyce Rice, 55 yrs.

Sixth place, Shirley Harper, 30+ yrs.

Seventh place, Zane Davis, 2 yrs.

Eighth place, Dusty Burroughs, 21 yrs.

With safety as a priority the Hallet Oak Gallery will be closed until August. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is encouraging people to remain vigilant, wear a pandemic mask in public, social distance, and stay home if they can. We are continuing to promote the 2020 artists through online sales, offering curb side purchases and are encouraging donations and raffle sales through our website explains, Mieko Mahi, Hallet Oak Gallery, Executive Director.

Free admission to events at Hallet Oak Gallery, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. 361-217-7030 Covid guidelines will apply.