White Top Motel Fatal Fire

While we were following up on this incident we found out that Mr. Broll had 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on 70 percent of his body.

“It appeared that he had been drinking, how much is undetermined,” said Carl Bowen, DeWitt County SheriffsOfficer.

Although, Sheriff Bowen mentioned Mr. Broll was drinking the night of the fire he went on to say that he can not confirm nor deny this was the cause of the fire.

“So getting an accurate blood alcohol content may be a challenge to accomplish. It depends on when it was drawn and how it was drawn. We’re still waiting on those records but you know its possible but I can’t say definitely that it was a contributing factor.

DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office obtained footage of that night from the church across the street. It appeared that Mr. Broll spent the majority of that evening along. He did have some visitors throughout the night but nothing suggests that there were any arguments and the definitive cause of the fire is going to be a challenge.

“The organ of the fire suggests that it was started on a bed mattress that quickly spread to through the remainder of the motel room,” said Sheriff Bowen.

Sheriff Bowen said, make sure your smoke detector is working so that you will hear the warning in case of a fire.