When a young girl was 12 years old she had the fight of her life

"I just knew I had to fight."

“I thought I had the flu but that’s what everyone was telling me but when I found out it was actually leukemia like a possibility it was crazy I didn’t know how to act,” said Hannah Cornwell,
Leukemia Survivor.

Hannah Cornwell was diagnosed with aAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia more than two years ago at the age of 12.

Doctors took some bone marrow and then pulled her parents to the side to deliver the devastating news.

“When we go into Driscoll Children’s in Corpus they tell us, they bring us in with the bone marrow that they took the sample of and that it’s cancer,” said Nina Cornwell, Mother of Hannah.

After Nina Cornwell received the devasting news that her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia she went back into Hannah’s room to explain to the 12-year-old her condition and this was Hannah’s reaction.

“Shocked like I didn’t know how to act and whenever everybody just left they were like you can cry and I just finally broke down and started crying but after that, I just knew I had to fight, this is it. I got to fight for my life,” said Hannah Cornwell.

“And going through the process of the chemo and the losing of the hair, the losing of the weight and as a parent, you don’t like to see your child that way,” Nina Cornwell.

Nina Cornwell said that Hannah told her that one of the chemo sessions made her feel like she had fire in her brain. Today Hannah is no longer taking chemo, and she’s grateful for everyone who helped her along this journey.

“I’m just going to go to Driscoll Children’s Hospital, I’m going to re- thank everybody and just really celebrate my healing. I’m going to celebrate and ring the bell,” said Hannah Cornwell.

“So ringing of the bell today it’s a victory celebration that we’re going through to say she did it she fought this fight and got through it. With everybody’s prayers and everyone’s encouragements, we got through it. Treatment is done and here’s a lot, a lot of happy days to come,” said Nina Cornwell.