What’s That Haze? Your Forecast Includes a Bit of Dust

VICTORIA, Texas — Maybe you, like many others, walked outside to start your day and noticed it looked a bit hazy across the Crossroads. Saharan Dust has entered the Lone Star state all the way from Africa. The strong Easterly (from the East) Trade Winds transported the dust all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Texas. This happens a lot more than people think, but it can cause some problems. People with asthma and allergies may notice an uptick in symptoms because of it, and visibility is reduced slightly wherever the dust is present. However, there is something positive from it: You can expect some spectacular sunsets over the next few days.

Hot days and mild nights continue to be the pattern for the time being. Triple digit heat indices are the afternoon normal, and the heat brings along the chance for pop-up rain showers and thunderstorms. To account for this, the weekend has a 20-30% chance of precipitation, but pretty nice otherwise. Nothing to cancel plans over, just be mindful of the possibility in the hottest part of the day.

Our next big weather pattern begins early next week. A Tropical Wave from the Gulf of Mexico is going to bring in a lot of moisture into the Crossroads, with more likely rain chances. We could see up to 3-4″ of rain Tuesday and Wednesday, so don’t forget the rain gear heading to work or out to run errands!

After that, there still is a good chance for rain (30-40%) for your Fourth of July. The holiday is still a bit too far out for our weather models to grasp the exact amount of precipitation. As they get a better handle on things, we will continue to keep you updated here on what to expect for Independence Day.