What you need to know for tax day

We are now in the eleventh hour to file taxes as Tax Day is on Monday April 15th. If you haven’t filed them yet, don’t worry you’re in good company. As of Friday, the IRS stated that 50 million taxpayers have yet to file their tax returns. Here’s some tips and information about how to maximize these last few days.

Tax Preparation help
One of the many reason’s taxpayers wait until the last minute is because filing can be a daunting and uninspiring task. There are many options to help you make this process as smooth as possible.

If you make less than $66,000 a year then you can use one or more free software options available through Free File at irs.gov.

If your income is above $66,000 you can file using the Free File Fillable Forms on irs.gov. Note that you must create a new account each year. Free File Fillable Forms closes October 20, 2019. After October 20, 2019 you will not be able to access your account to e-File, print or review your information.

Taxpayers have several options for filing their tax returns electronically and for free. The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs provide free tax help and e-file for taxpayers who quality.

VITA Crossroads
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance is a local tax preparation office that offers free services to individuals with:
-low to moderate income
-limited English proficiency

Vita Crossroads will be open through April 16th, 2019 at 4007 Halsey St. Services are available Tuesday 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. For more information visit Vita Crossroads on Facebook. Email them at crossroadsvita@oal.com or give them a call at 361-678-2989.

Apply for Extension of Time to File
If you still need more time, don’t fret. Just apply for an extension.

Form 4868 is the application for automatic extension of time to file U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. There are three ways to request an automatic extension of time to file a U.S. Individual income tax return.

You can pay all or part of your estimated income tax due and indicate that the payment is for an extension using Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or using a credit or debit card. See How To Make a Payment on page 3.
You can file Form 4868 electronically by accessing IRS e-file using your home computer or by using a tax professional who uses e-file.
You can file a paper Form 4868 and enclose payment of your estimate of tax due (optional).

More information can be found on irs.gov on Interactive Tax Assistant section which addresses questions such as dependents, eligibility for a health insurance coverage exemption, retirement, pensions and more.

Post Office hours
The James Moody and Main Street Post Offices in Victoria will not have extended hours for mailing taxes. So be sure to swing by the post office before 5p.m. on Monday.

The clock is ticking Crossroads, but thankfully there are many resources available to help you file your taxes.