What to know about the November 2 election

An overview of the November 2 election ballot

VICTORIA, Texas – The Nov. 2 election is just around the corner.

Included in the Joint Special Election’s ballot are constitutional amendments, the Victoria I.S.D. Voter-Approval-Tax-Rate-Election, the V.I.S.D. bond election and the Bloomington I.S.D. bond election.

During 2021, the Nov. 2 election is the fourth election. It will feature eight constitutional amendments, two separate elections within V.I.S.D. and a bond election for Bloomington I.S.D.

Based on your home address, you will receive one of three ballots. One will contain V.I.S.D.’s elections, and the other will have the Bloomington I.S.D.’s bond election. Constitutional amendments will be present in all three ballots sent out.

V.I.S.D. will have a Voter-Approved-Tax-Rate-Election. If residents vote to approve this tax rate, it would raise staff wages to competitive rates.

A separate bond election includes three propositions:

  1. The first is the facility bond election (Proposition A), providing district-wide repairs such as electrical and plumbing upgrades.
  2. Proposition B is to tear down and rebuild Stroman Middle School.
  3. Proposition C is to tear down and rebuild New Mission Valley Elementary.

All of these options will be presented as a menu-style ballot, allowing voters to choose yes or no on each proposition.

You can find more on the V.A.T.R.E. and the Victoria I.S.D. bond by clicking here

Bloomington I.S.D. proposed a $1.1 million bond at no tax increase towards the following items:

  • Campus security cameras
  • Cyber security
  • Life skills additions
  • C.T.E. transportation
  • General maintenance
  • Welding shop and agricultural farm renovations

Only Bloomington I.S.D. area residents will receive this bond on their ballot.

The Constitutional Amendments cover a range of topics, including the following eight amendments:

  1. Rodeo Raffles – if passed, this amendment will allow the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association to hold charitable raffles at rodeo events.
  2. Development – if passed, this amendment would allow counties to finance the development of undeveloped, unproductive or underserved areas through bonds. Currently, cities are authorized to call such bonds but not counties.
  3. Religious Services –  if passed, this amendment will bar all governmental entities in Texas from adopting any rule that limits or prohibits religious services.
  4. Judicial Eligibility Requirements –  If passed, this amendment would change the requirements for most judges elected in Texas. It would require judicial candidates to be Texas residents with a license to practice law in Texas.
  5. State Commission on Judicial Conduct –  This amendment would allow the State Commission on Judicial Conduct to accept complaints and “take any other authorized action” regarding a candidate running for state judicial offices. Currently, the commission can only take such actions on officeholders, not candidates.
  6. Caregiver Designation – residents in nursing and assisted-living facilities or state-supported living centers would have the right to designate an “essential caregiver.” This caregiver could not be denied in-person visitation.
  7. Homestead Exemption – If a spouse who is receiving limitations on school district property taxes due to disability dies, this amendment allows those limitations to remain in place as long as the property remains owned by the surviving spouse if they are 55 or older.
  8. Tax Exemption – The Texas Constitution currently provides tax exemptions to a surviving spouse for members of the armed services who are killed in action. This amendment would expand that definition to include service members who die due to any injuries sustained during their service, whether it is combat-related or not.

The last time Victoria had constitutional amendments on the ballot, Victoria County had a voter turnout rate of 12.5 %.

Elections Administrator Margetta Hill speaks on the elections:

According to Margetta Hill, elections administrator, if you don’ts understand all the constitutional amendments, it’s still important to voice your opinion.

“It’s always important that you voice your opinion,” said Hill. “That’s your opinion and that’s your right, so you have that chance even if you go to the polls and not vote on some of them, that’s your choice and that’s your right.”

Health protocols will be followed during in-person voting

Health protocols will be encouraged for in-person voting, such as social distancing and wearing a face mask. If you are feeling any Covid-19 symptoms, curbside voting will also be available.

On Monday, Oct. 18, early voting begins and will go through Oct. 29. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for Oct. 28 and Oct. 29, when hours will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can view a sample ballot here

You can also find more information on all things related to the election by clicking here.


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