What To Do If Loose Dog Attacks You

Loose and stray dogs seem to be a growing problem here in Victoria.There’s been multiple instances where dogs have been attack people’s pets.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with a resident who has seen a lot of loose dogs in her neighborhood.

Its been brought to our attention a series of loose dog attacks are plaguing the City, and I spoke with one mother who is concerned for the safety her children.
“I feel like the loose dogs scare the kids sometimes and more importantly they rattle up the other dogs,” says Jasmine Jordan, Homeowner.

Jordan says she is afraid to let her children go out and play in the front yard because of the loose dogs.

“I have been nervous to let my kids play in the front yard due to the dogs running up to them and licking them and stuff,” adds Jordan.

However, Jordan mentions animal control has been picking up dogs around her neighborhood more frequently.

“I have seen animal control on multiple occasions picking up the dogs,” tells Jordan.

Say its a beautiful day and you’re out walking your dog or walking with yourself for some exercise and a loose dog comes up to attack you.. well here is some things you can do to protect yourself.
“Make like a tree, you kind of want to put your arms up because they might go after your fingers, but you want to talk calmly if they are still coming after you,” says Amber Branecky, DOPAC. “You don’t want to run because if you run, they might think its a game.”

But if these tips fail…Amber Branecky says to go in the fetal position.

“If it does come towards you even if you stand still and talk calmly, you are to get into the fetal position and start screaming for help as loud as possible,” explains Branecky.

You might remember the story I brought to you about a dog named Trooper who was attack by a pack of loose dogs. I found out what you can do if your dog is attacked .

“You want to make loud noises or anything to break the dog’s focus,” declares Branecky. Usually if its bigger dogs you can break focus if you have a water bottle even, throw the water bottle on them.”

I reached out to animal control about their policies regarding loose dogs and haven’t heard back.