What local builders and contractors need to know to comply with fire codes

The Victoria Fire Department held a round table discussion to detail important information builders and contractors in the community need to know.

More than twenty people listened to Victoria Fire Marshal, Tom Legler, outline key facts contractors should be aware of, including remodeling requirements and building codes.

The round table discussion also provided valuable feedback the department says will lead to better communication.

“If you’re thinking about expanding the building, remodeling, moving, building new, just talk to us early in the process. As early as you can. If it’s a sketch on a napkin, we’ll be happy to take a look at it and start pointing you in the right direction and try to get as much information to you as early as possible,” said Fire Marshal, VFD, Tom Legler.

The Fire Marshal explained that those who do not consult Victoria Fire Department prior to building a structure run the risk of being asked to remodel it to comply with fire codes or remove the structure completely.

The department hopes to hold another round table discussion later this year.