Wharton Works To Keep Water Safe

This waste water treatment facility in Wharton is where they clarify all the waste water from their city, it begins when someone flushes the toilet or runs the faucet. The goal of this facility is to make sure when the water is released into the Colorado River is safe from bacteria.

“This is the aspect that most people don’t see of after it goes down the drain they think it’s gone well it’s going back to the environment so we treat that water where we’re not being harmful to the environment,” Wendt said.

Tax payers are paying for the $2 million upgraded clarifier, Wharton will be able to handle the capacity of 1.5 million gallons of waste water when the project is finished.

“The people that pay water bill and sewer bill they’re the ones that have to pay for these improvements because that’s part of the state and federal requirements we have to meet,” Garza said.

After the water is clarified with chlorine Wharton sends weekly water samples to state regulators to make sure the water being released into the river is safe, one step Wharton is taking to make sure the water is cleaned is by changing the shape of their clarifier.

“It makes it much easier to treat the water using a round clarifier versus a clarifier that’s not round you can have dead spots in the corner if they’re not round,” Wendt said.