Wharton Residents Recover After Storms

“My concern is for the neighbors that lost everything,” Allen said.

Neighbors at this apartment complex on Emily Street in Wharton are dealing with the after effects of straight line winds and tornadoes in Wharton County last week. One man who lives across from where a tree smashed into one apartment says he is lucky the tree didn’t fall in his direction.

“Everything would’ve been gone and I would have to look for a new place to stay,” Wright said.

Some tenants lost electricity and were without hot water after the storm came and damaged the utility boxes and water heaters. but to repair this apartment that has been knocked down to rubble the landlord says it would take a pretty heft insurance check.

“If the insurance can’t cover it I think she should tear it down put a new wall and leave a space there and get everything cleaned up,” Wright said.