West volleyball to have district games early in their season

Victoria West high school is having a late start for volleyball

VICTORIA,Texas–West high school is having a late start for volleyball, due to this they will have their district matches coming up very early on in the season. soon after they return to practice in september, they will play their first game. West volleyball head coach, Alysia Hill said the players know that this year is going to look different.

“To start in September, it’s going to be a challenge and we’re going to make the best out of a bad situation. I just tell them to keep positive to keep pushing forward and stay strong and be dedicated in what they’re doing. Always giving 100% no matter what they’re doing,” said Hill.

With the virus still up for concern, Hill isn’t sure about the length of the season, but sayid they’ll do anything possible to have the longest season for their team. Especially their seniors.

“One of the biggest things that our coaches are concerned about with is our seniors, our older girls. This is their last season and we want to make things happen for them. We want this season for them to be a full season,” continued Hill.

As of now, they will start off by having a few games a week until they catch up to their schedule. Then they will play every Tuesday and Friday keeping it consistent like the years before.