West Senior Breaks VISD Rushing Record 11/28

Tyvon Hardrick Talks About Making History

A West senior made high school football history last week.

Tyvon Hardrick became the all-time leading rusher in VISD history. Don talked with Hardrick and Warrior football head coach Courtney Boyce about this huge accomplishment.

Said Hardrick, “It felt very great. I worked hard for that, I put in extra work for that. I trust my teammates and my coaches for that. It felt wonderful when my coach told me that I beat the record. “

Said coach Boyce, “What a great honor. A lot of great players have come through Victoria. For Tyvon to have the highest rushing total in the history of Victoria is exciting. “

Said Hardrick, “From the start, pre-snap, I’m looking and reading the linebackers, the defensive ends and even the safety. They’re in my box. They crash hard, I’m looking for the outside bounce. If the holes open I hit the hole full speed. If a linebacker comes and he’s my size, it doesn’t matter. I’ll run him over or I might go around him, depending on my mood. “

Said coach Boyce, “Everyone sees the rushing. Obviously he runs with a lot of heart and passion. He never makes it easy on the defense to take him down. But on top of that the things that may not be easily seen. How good of a pass protector he is and the other jobs that he does in a one back system that requires him to do a lot of blocking. “

Hardrick rushed for 4,786 yards in three varsity seasons for West, breaking the record by three yards set by former Warrior Gamarquis Girdy Brito from 2012-15.