Wells Fargo may have cost about 20,000 people their cars

More trouble for Wells Fargo… plus there could soon be a minimum space requirement for airline travelers. our Jasmine Haynes explains in today’s business report.

Wells Fargo is in trouble again for signing customers up for products they didn’t want or need. This time its auto insurance and the bank says it may have cost about 20,000 people their cars. The bank says it enrolled about 570,000 of its auto loan customers in collateral production insurance on their vehicles even though they already had appropriate insurance. The bank will pay about $80 million in refunds.

The us court of appeals has ordered aviation regulators to consider setting minimum standards for the space airlines give passengers.
Aircraft seats and the space between them have been getting smaller over the years, while Americans have been getting larger.
the court found in favor of “flyers rights”, a non profit advocacy group, which argued less legroom and small seat size created a safety hazard and that the federal aviation administration should impose new rules.