Wells Fargo alerts customers to potential phishing scam

VICTORIA, Texas — Wells Fargo wants local customers to be aware of a new potential scam.

Ty Morrison, Wells Fargo’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, released the following statement on Wednesday afternoon in response to the suspected scam:

“Wells Fargo is aware that some customers and non-customers have reported they have received multiple phone calls from a Wells Fargo phone number (1-800-247-9215). The callers are posing as Wells Fargo employees offering opportunities to consolidate debt for a zero percent interest rate. The imposters are phishing for confidential personal information and the call is not originating from Wells Fargo.

This appears to be a spoofing technique that causes a caller ID to display contact information that is familiar to the customer.

As a reminder, Wells Fargo will never ask for the customer’s password, or direct the customer to a site that is not wellsfargo.com. If customers receive a phone call requesting sensitive information, they should not respond, and disconnect.”

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.