Weather Update in Bloomington

Bloomington saw steady rain with some heavy down pour at times. State Highway 185 which crosses through Bloomington had slippery roads with accumulated water on the roadsides. Residents in Bloomington worried about minor flooding as some areas need better drainage

“We do experience a lot of flooding especially in my area- we don’t have the proper drainage, I think they just need to clear everything out” says Bloomington resident James Howell.

However with the minor water accumulation, residents like James Howell were still glad to see rainfall after experiencing drought like conditions earlier this year.

“Welcome the rain, yes, mosquitoes? No. But we needed the rain because I know we’ve been behind on the rain fall” adds Howell.

Bloomington like the rest of the crossroads is expecting to receive 3 to 5 inches of rain– this keeps the area under a flash flood watch throughout the weekend.