“We need to stop the over-population of animals,” says the President of Adopt-A-Pet.

Foxy Hound Pet Spa opened their doors early Saturday morning to raise money for a pet adoption service.

Carol Klages President of Adopt-A-Pet says it’s important that we as a community join together to find homes for homeless animals, and we need to stop the over-population of animals.

Klages mentioned the way to stop the over-population of animals is to get your pet spayed or neutered.

“We need to get that taken care of and people don’t realize it’s not about stopping your dog from having puppies or your cat from having kittens. It’s also a healthy alternative for your pets. They live a longer healthier life,” said Klages.

This fundraiser offered dogs nail trimmings, light brushing, a relaxing bath, and dry cleaning. All the proceeds are going to Adopt-A-Pet to continue there service to animals.

“We use this money to provide low-cost spay, neuter for the public. Anyone can come and have their dog or cat spayed or neutered through us at a lower cost. We also use that money to take in animals and rehabilitate them, so we can re-home them,” said Klages.

Klages goes on to mention that she has a dog that she’s fostering, her name is Grata, and she’s looking for her forever home. However, the owner of Foxy Hound Pet Spa explained why it was important to have this charity event.

“It’s for a good cause to help out Adopt-A-Pet, also for people who can’t quite afford to come in and get the normal grooming it kind of gives them a taste of it,” said Jennifer Kiukemdall, Owner of Foxy Hound Pet Spa.

If you’re looking for a pet please reach out to Adopt-A-Pet for more information.