WATCH: Surveillance video posted online connected to suspected mosque arsonist

VICTORIA- Among the videos posted on America’s largest video-sharing website, YouTube, is surveillance footage that was used as evidence in a Victoria man’s pre-trial hearing.

According to court documents, Marq Vincent Perez, 25, is facing one count of possessing an unregistered destructive device. The count is in reference to a incident that took place January 15 at a relative’s home in Victoria. In a video titled, “Leading up to the Mosque Fire” posted by the YouTube account CRuizAdam on April 12, you can see three gun shots strike a car in a drive way. Moments later, a flash of light enters the screen, bounces on the roof of the car and lands besides the car before exploding. Prosecutors say this was the unregistered destructive device Perez used in his attempt to blow up the relative’s car with.

This video was one of 27 items used as evidence during Perez’s March pre-trial hearing. While the hearing was initially intended for Perez’s single charge, prosecutors used the hearing to reveal Perez’s suspected involvement with the fire that burned down the Victoria Islamic Center on January 28. They believe this incident proved as just the beginning of the events that led up to the fire at the mosque two weeks later.