WATCH: Athlete of the Week- Drew Wenske

SHINER, Texas –The athlete of the week this week is Shiner Comanches pitcher Drew Wenske. He not only went perfect on offense going 3 for 3, but he also pitched a perfect game, not allowing any runners to reach base.

The Comanches took on Lexington in a tournament and the teams played in 35 degree weather which is not ideal for Texas baseball. Wenske led the Comanches to a 9-0 route, shutting out Lexington. Wenske says heading into the game he did not expect to have such a powerful performance

I just try to help them out do whatever is best for them.

He approaches the plate or the mound with a relaxed mind just looking to have fun. Wenske and his dad go hitting every Sunday during football and basketball season. Back in fall he was named athlete of the week during the football season with the Comanches, but he enjoys baseball practice more than football.

I feel like it’s a lot more fun, said Wenske. I just have more fun in baseball.

His favorite subject in school is athletics, likes listening to 25k jacket by Gunna and Lil’ Baby.  He also likes to go hunting and fishing during his free time.