Warriors Weekend still planned for 2021

Due to COVID-19 Warriors Weekend was canceled for 2020, all systems are a go for 2021



VICTORIA, Texas- Ron Kocian president of Warriors Weekend says that this important Crossroads tradition will return this year but will be done in a different way.

“This year, our 15th year we are going to have three or four fishing tournaments actually four. The first one will be in April and it’ll be for pre-9/11 combat veterans…. those that were in the combat zone before the towers fell. That’s on April 17. And in May,We’re going to have around 200 to 250 Iraqi and Afghanistan,And after veterans and they must be combat wounded. Then on August 7 which is Purple Heart day,We’re going to have another Purple Heart tournament, we’re hoping to have around,100 Purple Heart recipient there.And then we have a small tournament in September which is by invitation only….It’s a fundraiser. So we’re pretty active,” said Kocian.

To find out more about Warriors Weekend and how you could possibly get involved, visit their website at:https://www.warriorsweekend.org/