Warriors Weekend Prep Tribute Field and Sand Sculptures

“It’s a labor of love from us to them,” Warriors Weekend Staff, Gloria Fric said.

Several sand sculptors have worked nearly a month on their sculptures for Warriors Weekend, an organization which brings nearly a thousand soldiers who have fought global terrorism in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the Crossroads.

“These soldiers have told me that these sand sculptures mean so much to them,” Fric said.

Gloria Fric known as the Dragon Lady says from the welcome sculpture, walls of hope, killed in action wall to the main sculpture, all of the walls are tributes to the soldiers who have been wounded in the war on terror.

“On this side of the sand sculpture its the soldiers cross with the helmet, rifle and boots and then there are the dog tags. These eight names on the dog tags are the eight names of the soldiers from the surrounding towns who have been killed in the war on terror,” Fric said.

Dana Wright known as Sand-Dana describes the first sculpture soldiers will see when they walk into the tent.

“It shows all the places they come from the hospitals and forts they come from and all those that drove across the USA,” Wright said.

Each soldier will be honored by putting their names on the walls of hope and their fallen brothers names on the killed in action wall.

“After we write their name on the wall, we call it out ‘Sgt. R. Smith!’ and they all hoop and holler and we all clap and he gets high fives and it’s just a sense of recognition,” Fric said.

Fric says she considers our soldiers to be heroes.

“We are just so proud of these soldiers. They’re young and they’re just so thankful and we want to thank them. It just makes me proud. It makes me proud that these soldiers, these young men are fighting for us,” Fric said.

The public is invited to come greet our soldiers at Froggy’s Dock Saturday morning. You should park your car at the Port O’Connor Community Center to ride the bus to Froggy’s Dock. The last bus will leave at 7:45 a.m. The soldiers will arrive at 9 a.m.