Warriors Weekend holds 11th annual Rebar Challenge

Warriors Weekend held their annual Rebar Challenge Saturday Morning.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attened and tells us the meaning behind the Rebar Challenge.

This is the 11th year for the Rebar Challenge and Col Mike says they are going to put out about 3000 pieces of rebar.

For 16 year old Will Robinson, this means alot to him because his grandfather was a Vietnam Veteran and passed away last year.

“Well I mean its like part of me, I dont know how to explain it. when he died apart of me went with him so this just like helps me just fill the gap,”declares Will Robinson, Volunteer.

Colonel Mike Petrash says this event with the magnitude of flags that will be posted is unique to Victoria.
“We will honor not only those who have been killed in action but all veterans of all conflicts because we feel like they deserve the honor for the sacrifices they made for this country,” exclaims Col.Mike Petrash, Director.

With every drive into the ground, all these volunteers are remembering all Veterans. those that lost their lives or who are in active duty.
“Every warrior that comes in to Victoria from all across the united states will have a flag in his or her honor. You don’t know how much that touches these guys. I had one guy from West Virgina come up to me one time and he said Col Mike, I dont have a flag flying from me in West Virgina but i do have one in Victoria Texas… its pretty awesome,” adds Col. Petrash

Colonel Mike says its touching to see how many kids come out to volunteer.. He says its exciting to see the younger generations giving their time.. for those who gave their lives.

“We are showing this next generation what right looks like, i am encouraged and i think its a beautiful thing and i will tell you these warriors will absouletly love it, especially when they find out who put it up for them.

“Its very important that to these veterans, when they come out here to understand that we put that up in their honor, so that they know that we value what they value and we honor their sacrifice,” tells Col. Petrash.

Remember to come out here to the field of honor on May 4th for the flag posting ceremony.