Warrior’s Weekend: Field of Honor Closing Ceremony

The Warrior’s Weekend Field of Honor will be closing soon, and the folks from the field invite everyone to come out to the closing ceremonies.

Virginia Petrash, with the Field of Honor, spoke at this morning’s Victoria Economic Development Partnership Meeting, about the upcoming closing ceremonies at the field.

The first will be held this Sunday the 28th and the second will take place on Monday the 29th, which is Memorial Day.

On Sunday, the Warriors Weekend documentary “Return to Honor” will be shown on a 16 foot screen in the field, and on Monday, a complete flag retirement ceremony followed by a roll call and playing of taps will take place.

Petrash also mentioned that they are looking for people to help some of the soldiers get their flags returned to them, once the field has closed for the year.

“Approximately 265 soldiers would like their flags returned to them, they filled out their cards, and its going to cost six dollars per flag to mail it back, so anybody that would love to donate $6 going toward 265 soldiers,” said Petrash.

Petrash also mentioned that if you have a flag to pick up, you may do so on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30th and 31st.

For more information on the Field of Honor, the closing ceremonies, and Warriors Weekend, click here.