Warriors Weekend 2017

Port O’Connor – “Oh man, I enjoy it, I always enjoy it.”.

It is a time of celebration, relaxation and most importantly, a time to say thank you to those that have given so much, so we can have so much. I’m talking about all the military heroes that have and continue to defend our country. Now in its eleventh year, Warriors Weekend has become south Texas’s way of saying thank you to all of those warriors that defend our country past and present. For the sixth year in a row, Newscenter 25 has had the honor of riding along with these warriors. Our boat captains this year were Chuck Forehand and Kevin Martin. both Forehand and Martin gladly give their time as boat captains for a very good reason.

“Its a real passion for me, because I was in the military for three years and I know what it really means to these guys,” said Forehand.

“Those men are brave and tough and they really hustle for our country,” said Martin.

As we made our way into the waters of Matagorda Bay, we came across the brother and sister team of Morgan and Dalton Jedlicka, who brought along retired army veteran James Napier, who was stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina. . as Napier fished for the big fish he was hoping for, he told us his thoughts about his Texas experience.

“A whole lot of states does not do the celebrations like Texas does,” said Napier.

Napier was immediately filled with emotion as he made his way to the Crossroads.

“When you come down and you see streets lined from Houston all the way to Victoria, and all the boat participants that you have, there is no greater feeling to have,” said Napier.

When asked why they a boat captains, Dalton Jedlicka did not hesitate to say,

“Its truly not enough to give back what they gave to us, its an absolute honor,” said Jedlicka.

As we continued to travel through waters off of Port O O’Connor., visiting with other warriors as they enjoyed a peaceful day of fishing and relaxation, we reflect on what Warriors Weekend really means. its a way that we here in south Texas can salute these heroes that continue to keep our country the land of the free and the home of the brave. Its this spirit that motivates Chuck Forehand to say….

“Oh yea, we are coming back every year.”