Warming Shelter Opens For Family In Need

Celia Martinez never thought her family would be without a home.

“We ran out of money to be in a motel, so we came because it was too cold outside to be with the kids,” says Martinez.

The mother of four now finding comfort from the cold at Rushing Wind warming shelter.

“Its hard because the kids don’t understand, you know the struggle and everything. They don’t understand.”

Martinez knows what it’s like to be out on the streets in the cold, but she doesn’t have to worry Monday night thanks to Rushing Wind.

“This is what the lord told us to do. is to take care of his sheep. This is one way that we can do it,” says Rushing Wind Pastor Mike Swearingen.

Rushing Wind relies solely on volunteers and donations like sleeping bags, the kind of tools that can help save a life in freezing temperatures.

“Now we’re in need of sleeping bags and backpacks, and we can always use canned goods,” Swearingen says.

Some kids don’t want iPads, XBoxes or Frozen dolls for Christmas: they just want a place to call home.