Warmer days in store for the Crossroads

Temperatures around the Crossroads

VICTORIA, Texas – Today has been pretty cold, but tonight will be even colder. Lows will dip into the mid to low 30s under cloudy skies. If the clouds were not expected to remain, we’d have a freeze on our hands. Wind chill will get down to and below freezing this evening, however. Make sure your neighbors who do not have central heat can stay warm tonight and bring in outdoor pets for the evening. Tomorrow will be significantly warmer, although we will still have a northerly breeze. Highs will be in the mid to upper 50s thanks to high pressure setting up over the area. The high pressure will also give us mostly sunny skies well into the weekend.

Warming trend begins on Friday as southerly flow returns to the region, highs creeping into the low 70s by Saturday. A lagging cold front will linger to our north, giving us isolated rain chances on Sunday. This cold front pushes into our area early next week and retreats, bringing more rain to start the week. It finally shoves through the area mid-week, but it may not lower our temperatures that much until the end of the week.