Walmart apologizes for racial slur in listing on website

A racial slur posted by a third party has Walmart apologizing to its customers.

Walmart is apologizing after a third-party vendor used a racial slur in a product description and has removed the listing from its website, calling it a “clear violation of our policy”. The retailer said it was “appalled that this third party seller listed their items with this description”. Walmart sells 50 million products on its site, including those from third party sellers.
A Tesla driver who originally blamed a crash on his car’s partially self-driving autopilot system has recanted. The driver, Richard Clark, sent an email to the Sheriff’s office saying he was confused in the moments after the crash, but after discussing the incident with his passenger, he now believes that he disengaged the autopilot by stepping on the accelerator before the crash. Tesla said it is investigating the incident and will cooperate with local authorities.