Walkers reconsider exercising outside some days, due to hurricane season

Enjoy the sunny days

VICTORIA, Texas – K.C. Willis, a local walker at Riverside Park shares her experience on how the rain and flooding at the Guadalupe river sometimes affects workouts. The rain and flooding can limit many people who enjoy and prefer exercising outside. This year hurricane season was active with seven hurricanes and 12 tropical storms. As a result, this weather isn’t just affecting walkers, but joggers and runners too.

Willis says rainy days affect her routine outdoor walks

Willis has lived in Victoria for only 2 years. Even though it’s still hurricane season, after a rainy day and the sun comes out, she’s glad she can still go for a walk. While Friday, Oct. 15, was a pretty sunny day. Willis shared that she feels devastated when she has to exercise indoors on a treadmill because she prefers walking outside. As a result, this years hurricane season has affected some of her workouts. She hopes others will enjoy the sunny weather, after a rainy day.

Willis hopes others enjoyed the sunny weather, even with some flooding

“Well, we got real lucky this year. Just to keep going out there. You know, it’s fine like the water’s up a little bit today, but we’re still able to walk. It’s still great and it’s a nice day,” said Willis.

Hurricane season is expected to end on November 30. After a rainy day, especially when there is flooding in Victoria or surrounding counties. It’s best to always put your safety first. Follow the phrase, ‘When in doubt, turn around, and don’t drown.’

Put your safety first

Consequently, for all walkers, joggers, and runners – when there’s a good weather day in Victoria and the sun comes out. Take advantage of this opportunity to workout outside.

Enjoy the sunny days