Walk with the Homeless event spreading awareness of the homeless experience in Victoria

Several non-profits participated in the nearly two mile walk

VICTORIA, Texas – Around 40 people and several local area non-profits came together today to participate in the Walk With The Homeless event.

This nearly two-mile walk aimed to spread awareness of the homeless experience here in Victoria, starting from the Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry near Downtown Victoria all the way to the Christ Kitchen.

The walking route included several stops along the way to show the different resources available to the homeless. The Victoria Public Library, where people can come for free internet and search for jobs online to help get them back on their feet, is one of the resources available.

One of the event organizers, Kim Pickens, says this walk simulates what homeless people have to do every day.

“So basically that sleep out leading into the walk, is basically what our homeless friends do every day, so having to get up and go to VCAM to get something to eat and then trying to through your day, maybe you’re trying to get a prescription from first united methodist, maybe you’re trying to go to the library to look for a job, all these things so that’s what is walk is, to replicate what our friends do every day”

After arriving at Christ Kitchen, volunteers came together to listen to people who used to experience homelessness and how they found help through local nonprofits.

Brandon Soliz spoke about his homeless experience and is grateful to have walks like this one to spread awareness about a real issue.

“There’s more to it than just being homeless, you gotta push yourself every day, open up your mind, open up your heart and lead by faith and not by sight,”

After the short presentation, everyone was treated to free snacks, music, and a fill-up goodie bag that provides a list of valuable items to keep in their car to hand out to a homeless person in need.

Here are the links for the non-profits involved in today’s walk if you wish to donate or volunteer or help in any capacity: