Walk Across Texas

The Texas A&M Arg-Life is starting an educational program called Walk Across Texas to keep Texans fit. “Walk Across Texas is a program that encourages healthy living through increased physical activity,” said Eric Taylor, Calhoun County Extension Agent. The program is really simple all you need to is record your steps and you do it as a team. “And there is 8 people on a team and the goal is that the 8 week program they are going to walk as a team 830 miles,” said Taylor.

Taylor tells me this program is meant to bring awareness to people on how much they exercise. “So it just about getting people out and active and when you start tracking your physical activity, you see how much you actually do or how much you don’t do,” said Taylor. For the kids in Calhoun County who participate, you will be awarded. “At the end of the program, we are going to have a health fair and we are going to reward them for all of their physical activity that they have done during the program,” said Taylor.

In Calhoun County for the adults, the Walk Across Texas starts on February 4, 2017 at 2:00 PM at King Fisher Beach in Port O’Connor. For more information about Walk Across Texas, call your county extension office.