VPD warns of increase in vehicle break ins to start 2019

VPD is saying 2019 is seeing even more break-ins compared to last year’s January numbers.

Lieutenant Moya says there have been 24 vehicle break ins this month, that’s an increase from last January.

The break ins have been seen across the city not just one area.

Of the 24, only 3 were forced entry, meaning 21 break ins took place in unlocked and unattended vehicles.

“There are a couple of them that were unsecured beds of trucks,” explained Lt. Eline Moya. “So, they are reaching in there, grabbing things of value and they are taking items from there. But, the majority of them, they’re just pulling on door handles. And, they’re taking the path of least resistance. They’re just pulling on them, seeing that they can get in, take what they can and move on to the next one.”

VPD urges everyone to hide their things, lock their cars and take their keys to help prevent vehicle break ins.