VPD warn residents of secret shopper scam

The Victoria Police Department is warning residents to take caution with a new secret shopper scam circulating the Victoria area.

Officer John Turner says scammers are requesting shoppers on job search sites or sending bad checks to potential victims, telling them they will receive a portion of the bad check once the money is spent or wired to the scammer.

Several Victorian have already fallen to the scam, with no opportunity to re-coup the money once the check is cashed.

“See the first red flag, easy money. Everybody wants easy money, who doesn’t? That’s a clue that this is probably not legit.There’s another one: make money shopping. Who wouldn’t want to make money shopping? Again, already sounds a little too good to be true.”

If you receive a check in the mail or believe you are the victim of a scam, please contact the Victoria Police Department by dialing 9-1-1.